The Barberini Corsini National Galleries welcome applications to host public and private events and other initiatives in their venues as a means to support the museum’s activities (Artt.106-108 Code of Cultural Treasures (D. Leg. January 22 2004, no. 42).

Events to be held when the museum is closed to the public may include exclusive guided tours of the collections, available in various languages.
The National Galleries have a varied range of spaces that can be rented compatibly with the requirements of safekeeping and conservation of the historic buildings and collections.
The rental fee is established by the museum administration, based on the number of guests and type and duration of the event and of the new Regulation approved by the Board of Trustees on 14.12.2021.

Regulation for the rental of museum spaces

List of spaces available for occasional rental (capacity may vary based on COVID regulations):


SALONE PIETRO DA CORTONA 355 mq 240 people max

SALA OVALE 116 mq 80 people seated
120/130 standing

SALA MARMI 214 mq 130/150 people
120/130 people standing

GARDEN 150/200 people standing

GREENHOUSE 60 people seated
120/130 standing

TEMPORARY EXHIBITION SPACE 700 mq ca. 400 people seated



SALA ROSSA 70 mq 50 people seated
80 standing

CAMERA VERDE O DEL CARAVAGGIO 60 mq 40 people seated
60 standing

GABINETTO VERDE 60 mq 20 people seated
40 standing

CAMERA DEL CAMINO O DEL TRONO 60 mq 20 people seated
40 standing

PRIMA GALLERIA 90 mq 30 people seated
80 standing

80 standing

SALA AZZURRA 70 mq 30 people seated
60 standing

TERRACE 150 mq 80 people seated
100/130 standing


For further information and procedures regarding the rental of space please contact: